Music Journey

Finding Balance on the Journey of Life

Life is a song all right, a song I chose to sing when life got too hard to handle. I chose music; music for each moment, each emotion, each dream, each goal, and each glorious celebration!

What makes you sing?

Perfect moments where the world stands still for a moment make me sing long happy songs of happiness and laugher, it inspires me, motivates me and builds me up. Every day I am writing, singing and compiling my album called LIFE.

It’s made up of sad songs, happy songs, inspirational songs, songs of winter and summer, of breakthrough and failure.

Each dream you have, new or old, is a song. When you reach the end if your life - what will your album look like?

I write my songs in a carefully selected process:

  • It starts with a thought that turns into an idea
  • that creates an action where I put it to paper and think it through
  • I begin with the end in mind
  • Ask yourself. where are you going with this?
  • Where will your dream end?
  • Go to that place!
  • Now walk backwards, map each step out backwards to where you are now.
  • How did you do it?
  • Write it down.

It started with a beat... It started with a hum that might have sounded like a beat. A beat that started as a thought. Soon I heard more sounds and knew where to go from there. Hey! This was called progress. Progress builds confidence. Confidence made me dream of how my song will be at #1. How I will be on stage performing on top form. I was dreaming! Wow, I started hearing rhythm and tone.

Cord Progression

Rhythm and tone made me replay all the different possibilities over and over. Deciding what I want to keep and what I want to let go off. For days, I repeated the same process and then I heard it, I had found the melody.


Melody makes for momentum. The effort you have put into your song, all the hours of practising, hard work, blood, sweat and tears - it pays of right here. When you play your song without thinking, sing it without stopping, pressing down on the cords without fault. That moment when you are able to teach others your song and they achieve success through your melody.
Your attitude created your atmosphere and now you can celebrate your accomplishment. Momentum keeps you moving while you teach others your song.
My song is made out of moments. Moments I experience daily; perfect moments each day all caught up in melody!

A moment of being a wife.
A moment of being a mom.
A moment of being a boss.
A leader.
A mentor.
A coach.
A colleague.
A friend.
An inspiration.
A moment at being great at each new chorus.
And then... Having a moment just to be ME!
Finding balance on the journey of life can be challenging, but it’s time for a new song... start writing yours today