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JDC EXEC is a digital marketing and business consulting company dedicated to growing small businesses. We are focused on results and are as passionate as you are about growing your business and streamlining your systems.

We enable businesses. It’s our cause, our mission. Giving our clients practical output is fun and it's why we do what we do. We've been around long enough to know what you need to scale.

Our Story

We’ve Been Building and Growing Businesses Since 2009

Think of JDC EXEC as the “Forward Moving” consulting agency for small businesses. We don’t care about the latest technology, design trends, and online marketing – until we’ve personally tested and know it will make sense for you, your project, your business, and will drive results.

Our goal is to become the leading strategic coaching and media agency in Johannesburg that stands hand-picked by small businesses because of our effective marketing solutions. National reputation is the dream of every company and we want to achieve it through our client relationships and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the best relationship with our clients, both during and after their goals have been met. We keep this in mind whether we are providing coaching services or website design services.

Our Vision

JDC merges purpose & passion, creating a unique personality for all our clients, giving them power, Influence and the ability to effectively communicate their brand to their unique audience.

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Cups of Coffee

Janine Do Cabo | JDC EXEC

Janine Do Cabo

As a Certified Coach, Teacher and Brand Professional, Janine do Cabo offers personal and professional growth through the practical application of proven methods. Working together, she strives to move your team or organisation in the desired direction to reach your marketing, leadership and overall organisational goals.

Janine has a goal-oriented outlook on life and her passion for helping others reach their goals has led her to join the world of leadership, advertising, and promotions. She is a firm believer in positive thinking and therefore also believes that you are never fully dressed without a smile.

Janine Do Cabo | JDC EXEC

Nellie Swanepoel

Nellie Swanepoel compels as a business leader as well as a leader in sustainability. She enjoys working hard and is full of energy for the things she sees as challenging.  She is not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning and often seizes opportunity.  Leading before, through and after the global financial crisis in 2008 she knows how business works and has a passion for creation of new business models with mindfulness of the implications of a choice for all effected parties. With a similar mindfulness she will direct strategies and tactics to work in the marketplace.

Nellie has strong leadership- and technical qualities proven in several diverse industries: power generation, petrochemical and refinery, steel, mining minerals & processing, pulp and paper, chemical, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and institutional (facilities & resorts). Successful in building strong and efficient operations in medium and large global companies. Extensive strategic and operational expertise with a strong focus on business profitability, P&L management and compliance. Strengthen operations and leverage the power of teamwork by partnering with core business operations and leading cross-functional teams. Skilled at developing and managing key performance indicators and realizing cost reductions through process redesign, performance enhancement, strategic partnerships and tactical negotiations. Excel at problem solving and data analysis to support and guide executive decision making. 

JDC EXEC’s Value Proposition

Receive Superior Support

We sometimes get asked, “how could you have replied so fast to my emails?” We care about supporting you.

Future-Proof Your Small Business

Our services are designed to do one thing: GROW YOUR BUSINESS. We want you to succeed more than anyone.


Work With Industry Experts

We’ve worked with enough business leaders to understand what you need and how we can help you with meeting it.