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10 ways to live IN10TIONAL

Chad Prinsloo | Web Designer
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Janine Do Cabo  |  Business Growth Strategist  |  Johannesburg

July 12 2019

Every single one of us can take our lives from a zero to hero by simply being willing to pay the price being IN10TIONAL will demand.  But, rest assured, as seen by the fruit of their own personal successes the rewards far outweigh the cost.  Now be IN10TIONAL and SAY YES.

Yes to yourself and your future success.

See below how to start your journey…


1. Intent for your soul

We are called to be creatures of balance.

When God created the world with each weather pattern and cycle, the sun to bring light during the day and the moon to bring light at night, He was establishing a flow that brought balance

Read Intent for your soul→

2. Intent for your relationships

When you are being IN10TIONAL about your relationships, you are making a deliberate and proactive decision to ensure that the relational investments you make align you to your desired destination, because whether it’s occurred to you or not, each relationship you have right now, requires some level of investment. 

Read Intent for your relationsh.. →

3. Intent for your community

Empowerment.  A word which by definition means, authority or power given to someone to do something.  It comes in many different forms and over the 20th century it took on different faces from black empowerment to women empowerment to so much more, each allowing people who were previously disadvantaged to have a fair chance at life. 

Read Intend for your community →

4. Intend for your happiness

Happiness is a part of being IN10TIONAL about the health of your soul. Happiness is a state of being we CHOOSE for ourselves. What is the definition of happiness for you? William Wallace a freedom fighter from Scotland said,

“Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Really Lives”

Read Intend for your happiness 

5. Intent for what makes you money

Yes I said it, the BIG M-word! Everyone dreams of a holiday home at the beach, a game farm with a big bonfire, a favorite sports car, and not having to worry about looking for money when emergencies may arise. 

8 things you can do to move in the direction of making your dream of financial freedom come true.

Read Intent for what makes you money →

6. Intent for what makes you greater

Growth is the only thing that can guarantee a better tomorrow but calls for your commitment today. John Maxwell says it like this “Leaders grow daily, not in a day”. 

In order to be a well-balanced individual you should be focusing on 3 key areas of growth – spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Below are 9 examples of each area, along with quotes to motivate you.

Read Intent for what makes you greater →

7. Intent for what makes you Stronger

It is unfortunate that a big majority of people only look to exercise when they feel they can’t fit into their favourite jeans anymore, but weight-loss is not the only awesome benefit to exercise. 

9 reasons why you need to be IN10TIONAL about turning your body into a stronger leaner 2.0 version that will take you well into your golden years of life and career development.

Read Intent for what makes you Stronger →

8. Intent for what makes your mind healthy

A healthy mind is worth gold. All we do both, good or bad, beneficial or harmful, originates from a thought. If we have an unhealthy mind, it will show in the decisions you make and the quality of life you choose to live. We attract subconsciously the kind of life we believe we deserve.  Being IN10TIONAL about having a healthy mind will position you for the kind of life that dreams are made of.

Below, are a few ways you can ensure your mind is IN10TIONALY healthy.

Read Intent for what makes your mind healthy →

9. Intent for your future and plan ahead

Financial planning requires a plan….It sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it?  But yet a vast majority of us don’t plan enough and wonder why we have more month than money. 

There are 3 sources of income…

Read Intent for your future and plan ahead →


Apart from being 3 of the most legendary and awe-inspiring modern-day motivational speakers, what do Eric Thomas, Tony Robinson, and Les Brown have in common? 

…and what on earth does that have to do with you?

Read Being IN10TIONAL →

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