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Living a Life of Purpose


Leadership is not a title it is neither a position, it is influence based on commitment, teamwork and real interpersonal relationships.


Improve your leadership skills in order to improve your influence.

Write that vision, live the mission, let me show you how.


Living a life of purpose

MERGING PURPOSE AND PASSION in your personal growth journey can be a challenge. Obtaining purpose and passion is the goal and finding the balance is the victory. Write that vision, live the mission, let me show you how.

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The right question to ask is, how much influence do you have? Do you make decisions and people automatically follow and support your idea? When you have an idea do people buy into that idea?

Janine Do Cabo

A leader knows that success does not come from one individual, they know they have to work with people in order to achieve success.

Janine Do Cabo

Leaders know what they are capable of doing, but they also know what they are not capable of doing, and with that, they work with people with skill to complete and accomplish the task.

Janine Do Cabo

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Improve your leadership skills in – improve your influence.


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