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The day in the life of a millionaire

Chad Prinsloo | Web Designer

Janine Do Cabo  Sustainability & Leadership Development  |  Dubai, UAE

March 2020

Let’s be real, we all at some point have dreamed of being wealthy.  Whether it came after watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s or reading about the latest sports car your favourite football player’s just purchased – it’s a healthy and enjoyable dream.  Dare I say it’s healthy to dream of being a millionaire? Every millionaire, had a dream before they earned their first million and if reaching millionaire status is your goal, then well done, your one small step closer to materializing your dream.


The challenge most face after the dream is developing a blueprint that establishes what old habits need to be disposed of and what new habits need to be adapted in order for considerable change to occur.

Thomas Jefferson famously once said that,

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Change to your current life or situation is inevitable when the desire for what you want is greater than your frustration to stay the same. The key to change is not just in being teachable enough to open yourself up to learn something new, but also to be daring enough to apply what has been learned with the objective of breaking old habits to form new ones. 

Millionaires undoubtedly, do things differently and the differences to what an ordinary day looks like to them and the rest of the world is what sets them apart.  With nearly half of the world’s entire wealth in their hands, they collectively own $158.3 trillion.  That’s a lot of money! But as staggering as that figure sounds, when you take into consideration that 46.8 million people around the world made the millionaire list, it brings into perspective that there’s room for you to join the club (with much work of course).

But what does an ordinary day in the life of a millionaire look like? Or better yet, what would they be doing that could be regarded as extraordinary to the average Joe? What are the kind of habits that no doubt, when applied have the ability to increase their net worth?

Allow your imagination to take you into the mind and day in the life of a 6-figure earner.

The millionaire morning

Millionaire’s get up earlier than everybody else because while it’s still dark, somewhere else around the world markets have opened and money can be made.  Opening their eyes doesn’t however mean they’ve woken up.  It means having a start to the day that gives them an advantage; whether that be with a combination of yoga and meditation or exercise and prayer; developing a routine allows them to not only clear their mind so that they can focus but also gives them the opportunity to appreciate the two most important tools they will need for their wealth journey – their body and their soul.

Once the body and the soul are focused and rejuvenated, it’s time to set daily targets based on what got them to win previously, whether it be the day before, the week before or the month before.  In so doing, they not only develop winning strategies but also build confidence.

With confidence and positivity as their foundation, they have the clarity of mind to determine what requires their attention right now and what can wait.  Problems that may have looked insurmountable the day before may seem much smaller, allowing them to tackle them early on. Their time is important and spending it on non-critical tasks wastes time they don’t have.

Having sorted out the problems, they can now track the progress on projects that are in progress and projects that are yet to be started. If a client needs to be followed up on, now is the time they would do so.

A millionaire’s afternoon

After over-seeing the projects, delays in the processes would be identified allowing them to rectify and find solutions.

Now, yes only now do they look through their emails. Contrary to popular belief, doing this first thing in the morning is a terrible idea if the goal is to have a productive and focused day.  They scan through the emails to asses if there are critical issues that need their attention and deal with them accordingly.

With the backend taken care of, they can draw attention to the mechanisms that drive sales and get finances flowing.  Quotes need follow-ups to convert them to invoiced sales and new business needs to be acquired.  At this time they visit new opportunities for business development.  Over and above business development, is research and planning in order to determine how and where the need to upscale will be.  Almost all millionaires have a subscription to a newspaper and now is when they  look through it to see how the economy and markets are doing.

Last but by no means the least, is the branding and marketing of the business.  With the introduction of new products or services, an assessment into how the market will react needs to be made.  Each strategy is concise in targeting the market they intend on targeting while being in line with the company’s brand and identity.

As the millionaires’ day draws to an end, plans for the next day have already been set in motion.  Each minute is precious and not even one is wasted.  To be a millionaire, it will pay to not only dream and think like one but also do what they do.  To have what you’ve never had before, you would need to make sacrifices initially and throughout your journey to greatness, but the rewards will be well worth it as your dream slowly but surely becomes reality.

Starting a company or a dream is daunting, and rightly so; it’s stepping into the unknown with a dream and hope to succeed in a place that you have never been before. Here at JDC, we can assist you in answering all of these questions, so that your dreams can become a reality. For more information on getting your dream started email us at info@jdcexec.com or read more on How to get started here.

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