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People, Planet & Profit

Leverage deep understanding of your business operations, processes and priorities in water- and process treatment and energy optimisation.
Apply this knowledge in conducting training, market assessments, benchmarking, site audits, innovation recommendations and efficiency improvements

Industries covered: Power Generation, Refineries, Chemical-, Oil & Gas (Up Stream, Mid Stream and Down Stream), Municipal Market, Food & Beverage, Steel, Agriculture, Facility Management, Minerals & Mining, Pulp & Paper, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals and Micro-electronics

Applications Covered: Influent Water Clarification, Cooling Water, Boiler Water, Wastewater, Water Re-use, Reverse Osmosis, Desalination, Process Applications in all above-mentioned industries and all different filtration applications

Sustainability Matters | Climate Change Matters

Consulting Services Compromising Water-, Process- & Energy Proficiency.

The majority of the Industry (heavy-, medium- and small industries) identify water scarcity as an important business risk and have set targets to reduce operational water use.

Sustainability is important, though not always defined or understood. Water and energy reduction goals are often set by corporate and/or country legislation and expected to be executed on the different sites.

This is part of where we come in: Expertise is needed to deliver water and energy reductions and cost savings. 

Water and Energy Services

Water for energy, energy for water. Water and energy are key driving factors of economic growth and social development not just in South Africa, but all around the world. Benefits include poverty reduction, improvements in health and education, and a reduction in inequalities. Together, water and energy can promote stable societies and human dignity as well as realize basic human rights.

The good news is that it’s often not too difficult, expensive, or inconvenient to become more environmentally friendly. It can even be a fun challenge to implement among your family or coworkers. And though small changes at the individual level may seem trivial, just think how much cleaner the planet would be if everyone adopted even a few sustainable development improvements.

Protecting the environment for the coming generations begins with more effective water management today.

Optimised OPEX (Operating Business Expentitures)

Water reuse
Energy efficiency
Innovative and green technology equipment selection
Reduced maintenance
Optimized chemical usage
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Energy Efficiency and Sustainability water reuse

Energy efficiency with alternate fuels yield improvement
Asset Management
Equipment solutions
Plant efficiency
Water & energy conservation
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Health and Safety

Process evaluation to assist with consistent Health and Safety Operations
Legionella training and assessments
Bacterial contamination risk to employee or product
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Creating a climate of curiosity by benchmarking site operations with similar operations. This is done by leverage a deep understanding of your business operations, processes and priorities. Offer consultancy services and solutions that reduce your risk. Structure your dream to achieve your company goals and objectives.


Work in collaboration to develop solutions that are relevant to your business needs
Continuously explore and develop solutions that help you differentiate your business
Increased business efficiency with continuous improvement in fourth evolution technology.



Provide uncomplicated training to ease the process of understanding at all levels in the company. Provide a range of services that help you get more out of asset investments. Offer environmentally friendly and resource-efficient solutions.

Online Consulting Via Skype or Phone

Research has consistently found that meeting over video is just as strong as face to face.

Online consultation is the same process as in-person consultation. You still schedule a meeting with me. The only difference being instead of being in the same room, you talk over video chat in real time over the Internet.


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    That’s her – hardworking colleague with lots of knowledge in her field. Always takes care of the job. Has an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others.”

    Pieter Swanepoel, Strategic and operational management, COFELY BESIX Facility Management