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Intend for what makes your mind healthy


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Janine Do Cabo  | Sustainability & Leadership Development  |  JHB, SA

June 2020

A healthy mind is worth gold. All we do both, good or bad, beneficial or harmful, originates from a thought. If we have an unhealthy mind, it will show in the decisions you make and the quality of life you choose to live. We attract subconsciously the kind of life we believe we deserve.  Being IN10TIONAL about having a healthy mind will position you for the kind of life that dreams are made of.

Below, are a few ways you can ensure your mind is IN10TIONALY healthy.

Relax, by doing things you love

We all have that thing we love that brings us satisfaction.  For each of us, what relaxes one may not relax someone else because we all have a unique make-up that makes us different. Across the board, due to it’s profound effect on the body, listening to music is a universal stress-reliever.  Studies show that the tempo of the music we listen to can either help us to concentrate better or with a slower tempo, quiet the mind and relax the muscles.  According to the University of Navada, Reno, as little as 45 minutes in a relaxed position while listening to calming music- has the ability to put you to sleep.

More than that, WHAT RECHARGES YOU? OR WHO? What fills your emotional tank? Do you fill up with people or do you fill up by yourself?

Sometimes however, the health of our minds, is based off of how individual personalities that can be either extraverts or introverts.  Each opposite in the way they unwind and recharge, that if you don’t know which category you fall into, choosing the wrong activity for your personality type may in fact drain you.

We are all social beings, and some more social than others.  For those who are energised around those around them (extraverts), spending time with friends or just anyone really, improves their mood and makes them so happy they’re satisfied. If you’re an extravert then spending time with yourself or alone, would be a tall ask.

Conversely, if you’re more of an introvert who appreciates your own company, then relaxing cuddled up in a blanket, with a good book and a serene view would be what you need to boost your mood.

Another proven way to not only get enough vitamin D but also relax the body and mind, is laying in the sun.  Sunlight, has the ability to increase the brain’s release of the hormone serotonin which boosts your mood while helping you stay calm and focused. Ok, ok, I know not all of us has the time to lay in the sun, but maybe just a walk in the garden, eating your lunch outside or simply going for a run can make the difference. When you don’t get enough sunlight, your serotonin levels tend to dip.  For people with really cold winters and sunlight as little of 3 – 5 hours scientists have associated their sullen mood changes to what is known as winter depression also known as seasonal affective disorder, a depression that develops due to lack of sunlight – proving how important sunlight is for developing a healthy mind.

Smiling and practising to smile Bobby McFerrin said it best when he sang,

‘Don’t worry, be happy.’

Happiness is an outward expression of something that’s happening on the inside. When you’re internally happy, the natural response is to smile. But, what do you do when you don’t feel that internal feeling and don’t feel like smiling?


Smile anyway!

There’s a science to smiling. When you do, it releases endorphins and is contagious enough for someone else to smile and be happy too. So even if you didn’t feel happy before you smiled, you definitely would after. 

Smiling also helps you to bring focus to your own life. You need to smile at yourself first thing in the morning. If no one else smiles at you the rest of the day, at least you did. I always say, “you are never fully dressed without a smile”

Intent for what makes your mind healthy can’t exist separate from all the other aspects of your life you need to be IN10TIONAL about because they’re all interconnected.



In order to truly be IN10TIONAL in every area of your life, you need to be determined but as your commitment translates to action, you will find that In10tionality is a lifestyle you can live.

You just need to apply a little IN10TIONALITY !

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